Top 24 Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The World

Statues are generally built in order to commemorate important personalities and events, but in order for them to truly catch the eye and deliver their message, they need to be as big as possible. Naturally, the shape of the statue and the attention to detail that goes into its creation are very important factors as well, and since we are talking about monumental structures that are hundreds of feet tall, there is no room for error. The list you are about to read contains 24 of the world’s tallest and most majestic statues, including the gorgeous Statue of Liberty and the incredible Leshan Giant Buddha.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldEven though you might not expect it, the Statue of Liberty is actually the smallest statue on our list, and that is because it measures “just” 151 feet in height. However, since it is placed on a pedestal measuring 154 feet, the entire monument soars to 305 feet. The Statue of Liberty, otherwise known as Liberty Enlightening the World, was given to the people of the USA by France in 1886. This extraordinary monument depicts the Roman goddess of freedom Libertas, and it was sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi in France before being shipped to New York where it rests to this day.

Virgin of Peace

Virgin of Peace - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Virgin of Peace is a magnificent sculpture made entirely of out concrete that depicts the Virgin Mary. Placed approximately 6.8 miles south of the town of Trujillo in Venezuela, the monument measures 153 feet in height. Despite its incredible size and beauty, the statue receives a modest number of visitors each year. The Virgin of Peace statue was dedicated on December 21, 1983.

Ten Directions Pu Xian Buddha

Ten Directions Pu Xian Buddha - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Ten Directions Pu Xian Buddha statue can be found on Mount Emei, which is located in China’s Sichuan province. This magnificent structure measures 157 feet in height, and it depicts the Buddha Samantabhadra, which is a bodhisattva often related to meditation and introspection. This particular Buddha is known for his ten great vows, which stand at the core of a bodhisattva’s (enlightened being) existence.

Buddha in Aluthgama

Buddha in Aluthgama - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Buddha statue that can be found in the coastal town of Aluthgama in Sri Lanka is 160 feet tall and looks absolutely spectacular. Widely known as the tallest sitting Buddha statue in the world, this magnificent monument was built in 2007 and is now one of the most important tourist attractions in the country.

Peter the Great Statue

Peter the Great Statue - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Peter the Great Statue can be found in Russia’s capital of Moscow, and it was raised in 1997. Flaunting a height of 315 feet, the statue was designed by Zurab Tsereteli and was made using copper, bronze and stainless steel. The statue’s existence has been plagued by controversy repeatedly in the past, mainly because of its not-so-aesthetic appearance. Nonetheless, one must admit that this massive structure is undoubtedly one of the most imposing in the world, even though its location might be considered inappropriate by many since Peter the Great actually moved the capital of Russia to St. Petersburg at some point.

Sodoshima Dai-Kannon

Sodoshima Dai-Kannon - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Sodoshima Dai-Kannon statue was built in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan, and it boasts a height of 164 feet. This masterpiece of art and engineering houses a series of prayer halls, an elevator and an observation deck, but some of its most extraordinary features come in the form of a golden crown complemented by a waistband and a necklace. This massive statue honors Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy, and it was built in 1993 on a site that overlooks the isle of Shodoshima.

Emperors Yan and Huang

Emperors Yan and Huang - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe fifth tallest statues on the planet were completed in 2007 and measure no less than 348 feet in height. Placed in Zhengzhou, China, these incredible sculptures are vivid representations of two of the most famous emperors of China: Yan Di and Huang Di. The sculptures required 2 decades hard work in order to be complete, and they are definitely some of the most spectacular works of art in the world.

Tokyo Wan Kannon

Tokyo Wan Kannon - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Kannon statue of Tokyo Bay was built to commemorate the numerous casualties of World War II. The 184-foot tall statue depicts Guanyin – a bodhisattva that is worshipped by Buddhists from East Asia and is usually linked to compassion. Chinese Taoists also worship Guanyin as an immortal being.

Great Standing Maitreya Buddha

Great Standing Maitreya Buddha - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Great Standing Maitreya Buddha is definitely the tallest out of 4 similar statues that can be found in Taiwan. With a height of 236 feet, this particular statue depicts the very important Maitreya Buddha, who is supposed to return to Earth one day in order to share his teachings with the rest of the world according to Buddhist faith. The statue was completed in 2011, and it can be found in Xinzhu County, near Emei Lake.

Guanyin of the South China Sea, Mount Xiqiao

Guanyin of the South China Sea - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Guanyin of the South China Sea measures 253 feet in height and is located in close proximity to China’s Mount Xiqiao in Nanhai District. The statue was built in 1998, and it is actually 203 feet tall but since it was placed on a 50-foot pedestal, it soars 253 feet towards the sky. The structure is a vivid representation of the bodhisattva named Guanyin, whose name is an abbreviation of Guanshiyin (Observing the Sounds of the World).

Guze Jibo Daikannon of the Narita-san Temple

Guze Jibo Daikannon of the Narita-san Temple - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Guze Jibo Daikannon statue of the Narita-san Temple is an extraordinary work of art that can be found in the Kurume, Fukuoka prefecture in Japan. Built in 1983, this magnificent structure boasts a height of 203 feet, and it also depicts the renowned Guanyin bodhisattva holding a small child in her arms.

Mother of the Motherland

Mother of the Motherland - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe capital of Ukraine, Kiev boasts one of the largest and most beautiful statues in Eastern Europe: Mother of the Motherland. This monumental structure was sketched out by Yevgeny Vuchetich and was constructed in 1981 using stainless steel. The 560-ton landmark measures 203 feet in height and is a part of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. The female figure holds a shield measuring 43 by 46 feet in her left hand as well as a 52-foot long sword in her right hand.

Statue of Equality (Ramanuja)

Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldCompleted in 2018 and inaugurated in 2019, The Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) is dedicated to Vaishnavaite Saint Bhagavad Ramanuja, who was an Indian philosopher born in 1017 and who lived for 120 years. Located in Hyderabad, India, it covers approximately 34 acres and was built using panchaloha which is a combination of gold, silver, copper, and titanium.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha in China - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldAnother incredible representation of the Maitreya Buddha can be found in Leshan in the form of the majestic Leshan Giant Buddha statue. This enormous monument is actually cut out of a cliff that can be found at the intersection of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers in China. The statue faces the beautiful Mount Emei, and it is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. The history of the landmark dates all the way back to 713, when a Chinese monk by the name of Haitong put the wheels in motion regarding its construction.

Grand Buddha at Ling Shan

Grand Buddha at Ling Shan - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThis massive Grand Buddha statue can be found in China, to the south of the Longshan Mountain, in close proximity to Wuxi town. The bronze statue is 289 feet tall, depicts a standing Sakyamuni Buddha and represents one of the tallest, heaviest and most spectacular statues of its kind in the country and in the world. In order to ascend to the base of the statue, visitors need to climb a staircase that comprises 217 steps.

Great Buddha of Thailand

Great Buddha of Thailand - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldAlso known as the Big Buddha or the Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin, the Great Buddha of Thailand is the absolute tallest statue in Thailand as well as the world’s ninth tallest statue. With a staggering height of 300 feet and a width of 210 feet, this exquisite masterpiece required 18 years to be complete, and it was made using cement. The exterior of the landmark was painted gold in order to better represent the Gautama Buddha, which is actually the most important figure in Buddhism.

Guishan Guanyin of the Thousand Hands and Eyes

Guishan Guanyin of the Thousand Hands and Eyes in Changsha, ChinaThis 325 ft (99 m) bronze statue is located in Ningxiang, Hunan province, and impresses with both its appearance and symbolism. Being an illustration of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, it represents Guanyin’s blessing on China and the rest of the world. It cost 260 million yuan and was built with the help of the government, local businesses, and religious organizations.

Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya

Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe largest and most breathtaking representation of Guanyin can be found in the Nanshan Temple of Sanya in China. This enormous statue stands 354 feet high and boasts 3 different faces, each depicting different symbols and gestures. This magnificent creation was raised in just 6 years and was revealed officially to the world in 2005. The Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya is currently the eleventh tallest statue in the world.

Sendai Daikannon

Sendai Daikannon - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldAnother spectacular representation of the Buddhist Bodhisattva Guanyin can be found within the city of Sendai in Japan. With a breathtaking height of 328 feet, this is officially the fifth tallest building in the world as well as one of the most beautiful. The very top of the statue can be reached by visitors by means of a modern elevator, and once arrived, they can all admire spectacular views of the city in its entire splendor.

Ushiku Daibutsu

Ushiku Daibutsu - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Ushiku Daibutsu is so tall that it was actually included into the Guinness Book Of World Records. Its height of 394 feet includes a 32-foot base and a 32-foot pedestal, but this doesn’t mean that the statue itself is anything but breathtaking. The massive bronze structure honors Amitabha Buddha and is equipped with its own elevator that takes visitors up to a superb observation platform.

Laykyun Sekkya

Laykyun Setkyar - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe Laykyun Sekkya can be found in the Khatakan Taung village, in close proximity to Monywa, Myanmar. The construction process of this spectacular landmark started in 1996 and lasted until 2008. Representing Gautama Buddha or the Supreme Buddha, the statue soars 381 feet above the village and welcomes numerous visitors each year.

Spring Temple Buddha

Spring Temple Buddha - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldNext on the list is the Spring Temple Buddha that was built in Zhaocun, Henan, China. Unveiled in 2008, the statue represents Vairocana Buddha, who is often regarded as the Bliss Body of the historical Buddha. If we are to include its 82-foot pedestal, we find that the Spring Temple Buddha is actually 502 feet tall. Built using approximately 1,100 copper cast pieces, this legendary monument overlooks a beautiful Buddhist monastery.

The Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The WorldThe absolute tallest statue in the world is the Statue of Unity can be found in the state of Gujarat, India. Designed by the Indian sculptor Ram V. Sutar, this magnificent statue has a height of 597 ft (182 m) and illustrates the Indian statesman named Vallabhbhai Patel, also known as the hero of India’s independence. It was built in 57 months and cost ₹2700 crore (₹27 billion; US$422 million). If you want to visit it you must know that the statue is composed of five zones of which only three are accessible to the public.

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