Top Tallest Men In The Human History With Pictures

Top Tallest Men In The Human History With Pictures

Until not long ago, giants or extremely tall people were considered legends or myths. However, in the modern world, there have been and continue to be many people who have far exceeded the average height. But one cannot help but wonder what differentiates the tallest people from an average-height person. In physical terms, a giant … Keep reading

Tea plant (Camellia sinensis) - History of Tea - Photo by AxelBoldt

The History of Tea – Origin, Types, Uses, Health Effects, & Facts

We have already talked about coffee, and now is the time to break up everything about the most widely consumed beverage in the world, namely tea. The origin of tea dates back thousands of years, being used in the space of ancient China by Buddhists and priests during meditation and prayer for its remarkable properties. … Keep reading

Thomas Edison - World Famous Business People

The Most Famous Business People Of The 19th Century

Throughout history, the richest personalities in the world were also the most famous, since a great deal of wealth usually attracts a great deal of attention. The term “businessperson” has plenty of connotations since it can very well be used to describe an oil industrialist as well as a successful retailer, for example. Whatever you … Keep reading


Chocolate – Origins And Evolution

Due to its exquisite, sweet, and sometimes sensual aroma, chocolate has been highly appreciated ever since the days of the Mesoamericans, who incorporated its use in numerous spiritual, financial, and nutritional aspects of society. The origins of this exquisite sweet treat are traced to the Theobroma cacao tree, which has been cultivated for at least … Keep reading