The Land That No One Owns

Located along the border between Egypt and Sudan, Bir Tawil is the most famous unclaimed land (terra nullius status) in the world.

Described in 2014 by the author Alastair Bonnet as the only place on Earth that was habitable but was not claimed by any recognized government, it has a total area of 800 sq mi ( 2,060 km2). There the temperatures can exceed 113°F (45 °C) during summer months while in the winter months can reach somewhere around 79°F (26 °C).

Why is Bir Tawil unclaimed?

The Land That No One Owns - Bir Tawil
According to the treaty of 19 January 1899, between the United Kingdom and Egypt, the border between Egypt and Sudan was established at the 22nd parallel. As a result, Bir Tawil belonged to Sudan, while Egypt had control over the Red Sea port called Suakin.

But in 1902, UK decided to draw another border, so Bir Tawil was placed under the administration of Egypt, while the Hala’ib Triangle was granted to Sudan.

Why has no one claimed Bir Tawil?

Both countries want to own Hala’ib territory which is ten times larger than Bil Tawil and much more valuable. That is why Egypt recognizes the 1899 treaty that ceded the Hala’ib Triangle to it, while Sudan agrees to the 1902 treaty.

So far, none of the states wants to claim Bir Tawil, because if one of them did so, then it would automatically concede the Hala’ib Triangle to the other state.

Does anyone live in Bir Tawil?

Despite being habitable, there are no permanent inhabitants in Bir Tawil.

Does Bir Tawil have oil?

Neither Egypt nor Sudan is interested in this area because there is nothing there.

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