The Hitler Youth Knife – A Piece of The Dark History of Mankind

The Hitler Youth knife is a historical object that reminds us of a part of the dark history that marked millions of lives.

This knife was manufactured by the Nazis and was given to young people between the ages of 10 and 18 who were members of the Hitler Young movement. Within this organization, young people learned to use multiple weapons, including the knife that got the name Hitler Young knife.

Having said that, we invite you to read in more detail about the history and various details of the knife, as well as where to buy and how to evaluate a Hitler Youth Knife.

Hitler Youth Movement

The Hitler Youth movement (Hitlerjugend, or HJ) was created in March 1922 as the Youth League of the Nazi Party (Jugendbund der NSDAP). In the following years, this movement and other types of Nazi organizations were banned by the government, but they continued to exist secretly, still attracting young people to join.

The Hitler Youth organization had the role of indoctrinating the youth of Germany with Nazi ideas.

The organization had four sectors, each being age and gender specific. Thus, boys between 10-14 years old belonged to the German Youngsters (Deutsches Jungvolk) division, girls of the same age were part of the Girls’ League (Jungmädelbund), boys between 14 and 18 years old were included in Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend), girls of 14 and 18 years old were part of

The League of German Girls (Bund Deutscher Mädel, or BDM), and the last division also dedicated to girls from 17 to 21 years old was Faith and Beauty (Glaube und Schönheit). This movement had 2 million members at the end of 1923 (30% of German youth ages 10-18) and grew to 7.2 million (82%) by 1940.

Girls were taught to become model wives and good mothers. They learned how to cook, sew and take care of the house. The boys, on the other hand, were taught to fight and use weapons to be ready to fight in the war for the homeland.

All the young people who were part of the Hitler Youth organization could be easily recognized on the street because they all wore the same uniform. In March 1939, a law was passed that all young people should enroll in the Hitler Youth. The more rebellious youth who refused to join were often arrested or sent to concentration camps.

Hitler Youth Knife History

Hitler youth knife
Hitler youth knife

Hitler youth knife imageHitler youth knife and case

Hitler Jugend knife case
Hitler Jugend knife case
Hitler Jugend knife case images
Hitler Jugend knife and the case

This Hitler Youth knife was specially made for the Hitler Youth movement. Boys between the ages of 10 and 18 who were members of this movement received a Hitler Youth knife if they learned particular skills and passed some tests.

The young people had between two and six months to learn and master the skills. After that period, they were subjected to testing, and if they passed the test of courage, which involved diving and jumping from a height, the boys were allowed to wear the Hitler Youth Knife.

The Hitler Youth knife was manufactured by Eickhorn Solingen, who was the main supplier of equipment and uniforms of the Third Reich.

Description of the Hitler Youth Knife

Hitler Youth knife was manufactured from early 1930 to 1942. During this period, the knife had several designs and used materials. As for the dimensions, the knife had a height of 9.610 inches (24.409 cm), a width of 2.010 inches (5.105 cm), and a depth of 0.510 inches (1.295 cm)

Knives made up to 1939 (early Hitler Youth knives) were inscribed with the name of the manufacturer (Reichszeugmeisterei) and its RZM logo, the motto “Blood and honor” (Blut und Ehre) on the blade, which was intended to encourage boys to always fight for the country, and a diamond HJ in the middle of the handle.

Original Hitler youth knife inscription

After 1939, the knives underwent some changes. These knives, also known as transitional Hitler Youth knives, continued to have the motto on the blade, but the manufacturer’s name and logo were replaced by contract numbers. This change was made because the Reich was trying to keep the name and location of the manufacturer secret.

The last type of knife was manufactured from the end of 1940 until 1942. The year 1942 was considered the final year of manufacture of this item. These last knives were made of poor quality materials and simple blades without a motto. Only the RZM logo and the year of manufacture remained.

Hitler Youth Knife Price Guide

The Hitler Young knife’s prices can vary between $300 to $1000. In the purchase of antiques, the condition and distinctive signs of the item influence the final price. So, if you find a Hitler Young knife for sale and you want to buy it, you should first learn more about the history of the item and its distinguishing marks. In this way, you will know for sure if what you want to purchase is really an original Hitler Youth knife or not.

Original Hitler youth knife - Blut und EhreOrginal Hitler youth knife - Blut und EhreHitler youth knife Original

In the case of this knife, we know that the first ones made had many more distinctive signs than those manufactured in the last two years, that’s why the first ones will have a higher price than the others.

Hitler youth knife - Blut und Ehre

Hitler youth knife - Blood and Honor
Hitler youth knife – Blood and Honor

The knife’s condition is determined by the degree of wear of the distinctive marks. Therefore, the condition of the sheath and the degree of wear of the blade can influence the price of the item.

Also, you have to take a look at how visible the motto written on the blade is if we are talking about the first series of knives or the visibility of the contract number in the case of the transitional knives. Others that can influence the price range are the degree of wear of the handle and the quality of the colors of the swastika.

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FAQ – The Hitler Youth Knife

How much is a Hitler Youth knife worth?

As already mentioned earlier, the Hitler Youth knife can be worth somewhere between $300 and $1000.

The price varies depending on the overall condition of the object, as well as the degree of wear of its distinctive elements.

The early Hitler Youth knife will have a higher price than the others if the item’s condition is good because this series of knives had written on blame de famous motto, as well as the manufacturer’s logo and name.

What does the Hitler Youth knife say?

The Hitler Youth knife is famous for the motto written on its blade. The motto inscribed on the blade of the Hitler Youth knife says “Blood and honor” (Blut und Ehre).

This message was written to motivate and encourage young boys between the ages of 10 and 18, members of the Hitler Youth movement, to be faithful and fight to the death for their country.

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