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Who invented the selfie?

The selfie became well-known all over the world and was declared by Oxford Dictionaries as a word in 2013. Over time, mankind came to love this concept so much to the point of obsession, managing to worry some psychologists and researchers who would consider classifying the behavior of taking too many selfies as a psychological … Keep reading

Dhabiyan 10x10 - The Weirdest And Most Bizarre Cars Ever Made

The Weirdest And Most Bizarre Cars Ever Made

Updated April 2, 2022. Car designers and manufacturers have not had an easy job throughout history. Indeed, many of the cars were considered true successes but there were also creations that were categorized as unusual. Weird or not, these bizarre cars helped to develop this domain by introducing something unique each time, be it a … Keep reading

Shinjuku skyscrapers and Mount Fuji as seen from the Bunkyo Civic Center in Tokyo - World’s Largest Cities Proper By Population - 2021

Top 25 World’s Largest Cities By Population – 2022

When it comes to the world’s largest cities, the general idea is that the biggest cities by surface automatically include the largest population, but some of you may be surprised to find out that things are a little bit more complicated than that. Today we’re going to present a top 25 regarding the world’s largest … Keep reading

Orda Cave in Russia Interior

The Fascinating Underwater Orda Cave In Russia

Caves hold a certain mystery that make people want to enter and explore them. What’s even more exciting than a regular cave is one that is flooded with water, because everything becomes ten times more fascinating when it happens underwater. Imagine the same spectacular rock formations that you are used to seeing in a cave, … Keep reading

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The First “Photoshopped” Photo In History

You’d think the era of retouched pictures started in 1988 when Adobe bought a license to launch a new software called Photoshop. But this is not the case. The retouched pictures existed long before 1988 and some of them were even used to rewrite the histories of a country. Soviet leader Josef Stalin is one … Keep reading

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Marie Curie’s Lab Notebooks Radioactive For Another 11,000 Years

Updated March 31, 2022. Marie Curie was an absolutely impressive woman and a scientist who opened new horizons in the field of chemistry, physics as well as in biology, and medicine. She is famously known for inventing the term ‘radioactivity’ after discovering the two elements called polonium (Po) and radium (Ra). Furthermore, Marie Curie was … Keep reading