Puente Nuevo de Ronda

Ronda – The City Of Castles

The magnificent city of Ronda can be found in Malaga province of southern Spain, and it is probably one of the most culturally rich and most beautiful cities in the world. With a population of just 35,000 inhabitants, Ronda is a medium-sized city at best, which makes it a perfect destination for tourists and history … Read more

Thomas Edison - World Famous Business People

The Most Famous Business People Of The 19th Century

Throughout history, the richest personalities in the world were also the most famous, since a great deal of wealth usually attracts a great deal of attention. The term “businessperson” has plenty of connotations since it can very well be used to describe an oil industrialist as well as a successful retailer, for example. Whatever you … Read more

Chocolate – Origins and Evolution

Chocolate – Origins And Evolution

Due to its exquisite, sweet, and sometimes sensual aroma, chocolate has been highly appreciated ever since the days of the Mesoamericans, who incorporated its use in numerous spiritual, financial, and nutritional aspects of society. The origins of this exquisite sweet treat are traced to the Theobroma cacao tree, which has been cultivated for at least … Read more

Magnificent Leshan Giant Buddha in China 3

Magnificent Leshan Giant Buddha In China

If you are thinking about visiting China, you definitely must include the Leshan Giant Buddha stone sculpture into your sightseeing plans. This is one of the most impressive stone sculptures in the world and incontestably the largest Buddha statue in existence, measuring 233 feet in height. The Leshan Giant Buddha can be found east of … Read more