Thomas Edison - World Famous Business People

The Most Famous Business People Of The 19th Century

Throughout history, the richest personalities in the world were also the most famous, since a great deal of wealth usually attracts a great deal of attention. The term “businessperson” has plenty of connotations since it can very well be used to describe an oil industrialist as well as a successful retailer, for example. Whatever you … Keep reading

Buddha in Aluthgama - Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The World

Top 24 Tallest And Most Majestic Statues In The World

Statues are generally built in order to commemorate important personalities and events, but in order for them to truly catch the eye and deliver their message, they need to be as big as possible. Naturally, the shape of the statue and the attention to detail that goes into its creation are very important factors as … Keep reading

Museum of Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Unusual Buildings From Across The World

The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland) Inspired by the drawings of Per Dahlberg and Jan Marcin Szancer, the Crooked House (or Krzywy Domek in Polish) is a unique building with a cartoon-like architecture. With over 43,000 square feet of space, it is part of a shopping center called Rezydent. Boasting a very unconventional design by Szotińscy … Keep reading

Magnificent Leshan Giant Buddha in China 3

Magnificent Leshan Giant Buddha In China

If you are thinking about visiting China, you definitely must include the Leshan Giant Buddha stone sculpture into your sightseeing plans. This is one of the most impressive stone sculptures in the world and incontestably the largest Buddha statue in existence, measuring 233 feet in height. The Leshan Giant Buddha can be found east of … Keep reading

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery – Kiev, Ukraine

22 Of The World’s Most Remarkable Churches

When we’re talking about the most incredible buildings in the world, churches undoubtedly have a special place in our hearts, not just because of their religious significance, but also because of their remarkable architecture. Since most churches were built a long time ago, many of them feature unique designs based on baroque, gothic, renaissance or … Keep reading

Pacific Barreleye - The World’s Strangest Fish

20 Of The World’s Strangest Fish

Even though we only managed to explore a fraction of the underwater world that lies beneath or seas and oceans, we did manage to uncover about 28,000 species of fish so far. Some fish species are definitely stranger than others though, and most of that strangeness can be mostly attributed to adaptation since survival at … Keep reading

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Alaska: The Territory That Russia Sold To The United States

On October 18, 1867, one of the most interesting transactions in history took place: Russia sold the territory of Alaska to the United States. Why did Russia sell Alaska? Suffering from financial difficulties accumulated during the Crimean War and at the same time not having a good relationship with the United Kingdom, Russia realized this … Keep reading