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The World’s Smallest Snowman

Today we will present something unique, namely the smallest snowman in the world. If you are already confused or have already had a “the smallest what?” reaction, then read on to find out more. Todd Simpson of Western University in Canada is responsible for creating the smallest snowman in human history. The Snowman was built … Keep reading

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World’s smallest commercial image sensor

Mankind has invented over time both absurd things without any use but also many useful ones that help us in our daily lives. Today, we will present a strange invention that has revolutionized the medical field. What is the smallest sensor in the world? The world’s smallest commercially available image sensor is called OmniVision OV6948 … Keep reading


What is potassium iodide and what is it used for?

The war in Ukraine, the attack on Chernobyl, and other nuclear power plants located on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the Russian president’s threatening messages, have worried people, who have begun to wonder how they should act or what should do in the event of a nuclear disaster. That is how potassium iodide … Keep reading

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Who invented the selfie?

The selfie became well-known all over the world and was declared by Oxford Dictionaries as a word in 2013. Over time, mankind came to love this concept so much to the point of obsession, managing to worry some psychologists and researchers who would consider classifying the behavior of taking too many selfies as a psychological … Keep reading

Shinjuku skyscrapers and Mount Fuji as seen from the Bunkyo Civic Center in Tokyo - World’s Largest Cities Proper By Population - 2021

Top 25 World’s Largest Cities By Population – 2022

When it comes to the world’s largest cities, the general idea is that the biggest cities by surface automatically include the largest population, but some of you may be surprised to find out that things are a little bit more complicated than that. Today we’re going to present a top 25 regarding the world’s largest … Keep reading

Orda Cave in Russia Interior

The Fascinating Underwater Orda Cave In Russia

Caves hold a certain mystery that make people want to enter and explore them. What’s even more exciting than a regular cave is one that is flooded with water, because everything becomes ten times more fascinating when it happens underwater. Imagine the same spectacular rock formations that you are used to seeing in a cave, … Keep reading